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Latinovations would like to thank Wendy Bruget for her contribution to La Plaza.

When the team at Latinovations asked me to reflect on my recent trip to Copenhagen, I wasn’t sure that my focus area of garbage would be of particular interest to their blog readers. Alongside the Cinderella of the United Nations Summit was its less publicized sister, the International Solid Waste Association’s Conference on Waste and Climate Change( http://www.wasteandclimate.org/.) The purpose of the conference I attended was to bring attention to the relationship of waste and climate change. (more…)

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As featured in Politico’s The Arena:

Spectacular speech. The President faced his most important moment in his presidency last night and he did it with ease, decorum humor, self deprecation, while he stood firm on an agenda that puts America’s middle class families and small businesses first. He surpassed expectations by cutting through the clutter and haze of the last several months and outlining a very clear and detailed path forward to ensure our country gets back on the right track. (more…)

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Latinovations would like to thank Arturo A. Valenzuela, Assistant Secretary, Western Hemisphere Affairs, of the Department of State for his contribution to La Plaza

Throughout the past two weeks, Americans, and the whole world indeed, have been following closely the rescue and relief efforts underway in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. Last week I travelled to the island with Secretary Hillary Clinton to get a firsthand look at these efforts and to convey very directly and personally to the Haitian people our long-term unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies. (more…)

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After much popular demand we are launching a new point counterpoint series on a variety of topics  that have opposing views. This series is called ” Punto Contra Punto”. This week’s topic is on broadband access for the Latino community.  Latinovations would like to thank our contributors from the National Hispanic Media Coalition & Media Access Project, and LULAC.

Brent Wilkes, LULAC : “…these standards are intended to ensure that consumers can visit any legal Web site and use any legal online application, such as YouTube. For the most part, broadband providers (phone, cable, and wireless Internet service providers, or ISPs) have honored the policy. In fact, there are few instances in which ISPs have blocked or hindered a consumer from visiting a legal Web site or using an application, and the open Internet rules have always prevailed when there was an alleged transgression.

But, in deciding whether to supplement these open Internet rules with yet another layer of “net neutrality” rules, the FCC should use caution.”

Jessica J. Gonzalez and Parul P. Desai of the National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Media Access Project: “…net neutrality ensures that all Internet users can access any lawful websites, services, or applications of their choice without interference or discrimination by corporate Internet service providers (“ISPs”). Otherwise, ISPs could block content or degrade connections to websites whose owners cannot afford to pay extra costs beyond standard broadband connection rates.  The only ones who will be able to pay those extra costs for special access are companies with deep pockets and not small business owners or a budding entrepreneur with a good idea.  That means, once again, that corporate conglomerates will be able to decide what we can hear, see, and say in the media space.”


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As featured in today’s Huffington Post:

Republican Senators not tired of Latina bashing have set their sights on Obama’s nominee for Ambassador to El Salvador – Mari Del Carmen Aponte.

It is hard to gauge if the right misses the cold war as much as they miss having the Sotomayor nomination to vent their political frustrations at, but Aponte seems to have both bases covered in their eyes. (more…)

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Latinovations would like to thank Jason Llorenz for his contribution to La Plaza

Washington is abuzz about broadband – or more importantly, Washington is buzzing about the way some communities will or won’t be able to access the information superhighway at broadband speeds. At stake: Just about everything. Turns out, our community’s economic standing, access to information and educational opportunities, and even health care are tied to the internet. So why aren’t we marching on Washington to demand “I want my broadband, and I want it now?” Let’s explore.


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Latinovations would like to thank Marisa Treviño for her contribution to La Plaza and encourages everyone to check out Latina Lista.

There was a time that whenever I told people I wrote a blog, I would either get puzzled looks or sympathetic smiles from journalist friends who considered blog writing to be nothing more than a writing exercise to fill time between paying assignments.

It wasn’t until I published one particular post that my friends, in and out of journalism, realized the value of blogs.

On December 20, 2006, I published a post on my blog, Latina Lista, regarding the draconian conditions of an immigrant family detention facility located outside Austin, Texas. (more…)

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